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Exercise of the Week: Standing Leg Pumps



Standing Leg Pumps

The Standing Leg Pumps are perfect for runners and cyclists that need to develop a stable pelvis and ankle in order that the knee moves in correct alignment.  This lask of stability of either the pelvis or ankle tends to cause knee injury as the knee is unable to rotate, being a hinge type joint.


There are three variations:

  • Facing the Chair;
  • Sideways;
  • Crossover.


What’s it good for? 

  • Leg strengthening – especially the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • Balance and stability on one leg
  • Learning and awareness of pelvic stability.
  • Learning and awareness of alignment.


Things to think about…

  • Keep your hips level throughout.
  • Reach your sit bone of the pushing leg toward your foot to maintain stability.
  • Push the pedal with rhythm and flow.
  • Don’t allow the Chair to push you around: actively lift the pedal rather than letting the springs return the pedal to the upright position.


Over to you…

What exercise would you like to see featured here?  If you don’t know any exercises because you’re new to Pilates – no worries! – Just tell me what type of exercise or what kind of benefit you’d like to see and I’ll get it to you!

Happy Pilatesing!

Miguel 🙂


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