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Pre-Pilates: Breathing in Pilates – Sniffing Breath

Foundations: Breathing

Quick Intro: Sniffing & Percussive Breathing


Sniffing breathing is used to take in a quick “sip” of breath between long exhalations.  These exhalations are typically done in exercises that require sustained deep abdominal activation that is associated with lateral, or rib, breathing.



Kathy Stanford Grant: “Kathy’s Accordion”


Kathy Stanford Grant was one of Joseph Pilates’ original students and actually got a certificate from Joe to say that she was a qualified Pilates teacher.  She went on to teach at New York University.

This is her “Accordion” exercise that features “sniffing” breath between strong abdominally focussed exhalations called percussive breathing.




Ron Fletcher: “Ron’s Clock”


Ron Fletcher was another Pilates “Elder”.  He developed a method, “The Fletcher Method” that has breathing at its core.  This is a very challenging exercise!



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To find a short deliberate pace, beginners workout that looks specifically these exercises go to the Foundations section of our video page.

Miguel 🙂

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