Neutral Squats

Foundations: Deep Core – Neutral Squats

Foundations “the deep core”: Neutral Squats

Quick Intro: squat to connect to your spine!


This is a good way of learning to connect to the spine as part of the core to maintain our natural alignment as we squat down.


What’s it good for? ⁠

🌟 Increases awareness of and strengthens the back (multifidi & erector spinae).

🌟 Lower body strength and force.

🌟 Helps us to think of alignment and posture.

A quick “how to”…

🌟 Stand with the the feet in parallel or slightly turned out  and the feet hip width, or slightly wider.

🌟 Bend your knees, hips and ankles to come into a squat, sticking out your behind to maintain a neutral spine.

🌟 Allow your torso to tilt forward to keep this neutral spine.

🌟 As you go down, elevate your arm with straight elbows as you inhale.


Hints & Tips:

🌟 Keep your shoulders, knees and toes in alignment.

🌟 Inhale as you raise your arms to enhance the upper body stretch.

🌟 Keep your elbows straight to get a full and deep stretch of the upper spine and shoulders.

🌟 Try this variation: stand with feet wider than hip distance.  Bend your ankles, knees and hips to come into your squat.  Does your torso now need to tilt forward to maintain your neutral spine?


Any Questions?

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Miguel 🙂

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