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Elbow Slips #pilates4life2020 #21 of 31



Elbow Slips

– #pilates4life2020: #21 of 31 exercises

🌟 This is an excellent exercise for learning to conquer that “sticky” part of Roll Ups and Roll Downs, the part where we can’t support ourselves and we tend to use momentum to power ourselves through that difficult part.

What’s it good for?

👉🏽 Learning to Roll Up and Roll down with control⁠
👉🏽 Abdominal strengthening⁠
👉🏽 Stretches our lower back.⁠
👉🏽 Lumbo-pelvic stabilization using glute activation.⁠



A Quick Guide to Elbow Slips

💡 With glute wants to turn off as your slip one elbow out from under you?⁠
💡 Push your legs out as far as you can, keep both feet planed on the floor.⁠
💡 If you find this desmoralsingly difficult – and it is difficult, bring your elbows further forwards: the on / off sensation will be diminished…⁠

Joe Pilates on physical well being, mental calm and spiritual peace…

💬 “the enjoyment of physical well being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors …” — Joe Pilates⁠


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