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Teaser Prep #pilates4life2020 #28 of 31


Teaser Prep

– #pilates4life2020: #28 of 31 exercises



What’s it good for?

🌟 The body- all of it!  Full body integration: abdominals, shoulders, spine, hip flexors and it’s a great barometer for how our practice is coming along!⁠



A Quick Guide to Teaser Prep

💡 Pull in your abdominals firmly to prevent your lower back from arching as your hip flexors contract to hold your legs in the air.⁠
Keep your legs stationary as your roll up and down.Focus on your abdominals which will allow you to get a smooth, sequential roll up and roll down. Watch for hinging from the hips: it means you are relying on your hips flexors rather than your abdominals.⁠
💡 Imagine that someone is holding your toes so that they remain totally stable as you raise and lower your trunk.⁠

Joe Pilates on working on the whole body in a workout (instead of leg days or shoulder days)

💬 ” … an important reason for consistently exercising all our muscles; namely, that each muscle may cooperatively and loyally aid in the uniform development of all our muscles.”⁠

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