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Reformer: Footwork Tendon Stretch



Reformer Footwork Tendon Stretch

– Don’t confuse this with the Tendon Stretch exercise which is a much greater challenge

This is a great exercise to stretch the calves (gastrocnemius) and mobilise your ankles.  It also helps us to spot if our feet aren’t moving in correct alignment.


What’s Pilates Footwork Tendon Stretch good for?


  • Stretches the calf muscles.
  • It teaches us alignment of our feet and functional ankle movement.
  • Learning to get full movement from the ankle joints.
  • It stimulates reflex zones of  your foot.
  • Assists with alignment and control of the foot, leg and related joints.
  • Strengthening the arches of the feet.
  • Allows your teacher to assess your tendencies and alignments.





Set Up of the Exercise Series 

  • You’ve just finished the Footwork Series and are lying in the same position on the reformer as in the Footwork exercises.
  • Have your feet on the football in parallel with the footbar between the toes and the ball of your feet
  • Spread your toes out and wrap them around the footbar.
  • Straighten your legs to move the courage out at a constant pace and flex your feet counting 1-2-3 then, stretch them out again just to slowly.
  • Keep your legs straight throughout


Common Mistakes

  • Moving the carriage too quickly.
  • Stopping wrapping your toes when you push the carriage out.
  • Not fully extending your legs.
  • Feet pronate or supinate – twisting at the ankles.


Modifications & Variations

  • You can try this exercise in a small V position
  • You can combine this with “Footwork Toes”:
    • stretch your legs out
    • flex your feet and stretch your calves
    • push the carriage out with our ankles (your knees are still straight)
    • bend your knees to move the carriage back towards the stopper.⁠


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