Reformer Short Box Series: Twist

The Twist is the first bit of rotation that we do in the Basic Reformer Series …

…but you discover that there’s more “reaching” that rotation!

What’s it good for?

Related exercises?

This exercise is a starter exercise for rotation – there are others, but this is an excellent way to begin rotation.


Reformer Short Box : Quick “how to” …


The Set Up


Short Box Twist – “how to”

Exhale: to rotate
Inhale: at the the end of the rotation to resist the squeezing of the ribs.


Hints and Tips


Variations & Modifications




If you suffer from osteoporosis either avoid the exercise if you cannot perform the exercise without grinding your vertebrae whilst rotating. Or you can lessen the range of movement in the rotation and focus on the elongation and lengthening of the spine.

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