Reformer Stomach Massage Series: Reach Up aka “Reach” 

– Strengthen your abdominals and massage your internal organs!!

In this series, we revisit the Footwork that we started with (have we ever left it – I wonder?) but now we’re sitting up and trying not to allow the Reformer to push us off our sit bones!

What’s it good for?


Related exercises?


Spine Corrector: Teasers

Wunda Chair: Footwork Modified with Reach

Cadillac: Bottom Sprung Push Through Bar / Teasers 

Single and Double Leg Pull on the Mat.





Stomach Massage Reach Up: Quick “how tos” …


The Set Up


The Stomach Massage: Reach Up – “how to”

Exhale: without allowing your heels to drop press out of the carriage by straightening the legs.
Inhale:  with fully straight legs, lower your heels keeping them together and ankle bones separate.
Exhale: push the carriage out again by lifting your heels and keeping them lifted.
Inhale: bring the courage back in  to close the springs whilst keeping your heels up.
Once you’ve mastered this sequence try working with a brisk rhythm but without losing precision or flow

Hints and Tips


Hints and Tips: Wardrobe Malfunctions 🙂

Pants falling down!!!
It might happen that during this lovely Reach Up, you start to slide back on the carriage and your wardrobe start to… well, malfunction…

Or, you start sliding backwards…
The natural inclination is for your teacher to:

How to keep your pants up…


Variations & Modifications


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