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Return to Life: #19 Spine Twist



Return to Life: Spine Twist

– There’s more to this than meets the eye – for me, it’s THE Tall Spine Exercise of the whole repertoire!

Sit ever taller and taller and taller as you rotate your spine first one way and then the other whilst keeping everything else under total control…

What’s it good for?


  • It’ll help you look rearwards to see who’s on your wheel!
  • Play tennis or golf?  Many people rely on shoulders and arms to compensate for lack of mobility in their trunk!
  • Strengthens your rotators: internal and external obliques.
  • Strengthens your spinal extensors, offsetting all that running and cycling.
  • Teaches control of your shoulders and disassociation of your spine and pelvis.

Pilates Geeks

  • Rotation: what’s not to love?
  • Think of this as preparation for Teaser IV!

Difficulty: both the starting position and the control needed make this exercise difficult!



The “how to”

Sit with your legs squeezed together straight out in front of you with your arms sideways at shoulder level. Sit right over your sit bones.
Exhale and turn towards the left as far as you think you can, keeping your pelvis and legs perfectly still.
Inhale and reach a little further, and again and again. Return to the centre and retreat on the other side.

Hints and Tips

💡 Try the exercise with your feet against a solid vertical surface – are your feet moving? This means that your pelvis is moving!
💡 Think of growing taller and taller with each repetition and with each return to the Center.
💡 Imagine two lines of energy: one vertical from seat to the crown of the head and the other horizontal from fingertip to fingertip.
💡 Keep your pelvis and leg still.
💡 Move your head and trunk as one unit.
💡 Initiate your movement from your waist rather than your shoulders.

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