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Return to Life: #28 Side Bend

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Return to Life: 

– Joe Pilates gives us less and and less support as we get into more advanced exercises! Here, everything pivots around just one shoulder joint!

This exercise will present you with a very serious challenge – not for the faint hearted.

What’s it good for?

Muscle Focus
Internal and external oblique abdominals
Shoulder stabilisers
To develop oblique abdominal strength and control.
To improve trunk mobility.
To develop shoulder strength and stability.
Difficulty: if you have to ask, you can’t … Very tough!
Reps: three each side
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The “how to”

Set Up
Sit sideways with your weight on one side of your pelvis. Bend your legs and place your feet so that one foot is on top of the other. Rest your upper body weight on your arm but keep that shoulder engaged as it will be supporting the whole of your weight during the exercise. The other arms rests along the side of your body.
Inhale and lift your pelvis away from the floor by pushing into the side of your bottom foot. while straightening your upper arm to shoulder height. Continue until your body is a straight diagonal line with your arms in a straight line of energy, creating a T shape.
Exhale and draw in the lateral muscles of your lower side and reach your rib cage and trunk up toward the ceiling creating an arc as your upper arm reaches overhead.
Inhale and return to the previous position with your body in a straight line and arms in a T shape again.
Exhale and lower your body toward the floor as low as you can but without touching it.

Hints and Tips

💡  Try to keep a sense of continuous movement throughout. – don’t relax between repetitions.
💡  Imagine you are a dolphin leaping in and out of the water.
💡  Imagine that you are between two planes of glass – don’t touch either!
💡  Try using your forearm on the mat.
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