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Return to Life: #33 Control Balance

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Return to Life: 

– Do you have trouble learning the Jackknife – this is a one legged version of that exercise!

This exercise will work your spinal extensors and open your hips – perfect for all runners, cyclists and other athletes that practice a small range of motion for hours at a time…

What’s it good for?

Muscle focus
Hip extensors bur just about everything else!
Strengthens hip extensors.
Improves hip flexor mobility.
Strengthens your back extensors and abdominals
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The “how to”

Difficulty: flyers
Reps: 6
Exhale and lie face up with your arms by your sides and legs straight. Begin by performing a Roll over to bring your legs over your head and onto the floor. Inhale and anchor your feet to the floor and circle your arms overhead to hold onto your feet.
Exhale and extend one leg up to the sky. Perform two pulses accompanied with a percussive sniffing breath to reach slightly higher each time.
Inhale and switch your legs simultaneously, keeping your pelvis and trunk as stable as possible.
After your final repetition, bring both legs down towards the floor reaching long through your heels (dorsiflexed feet) and roll back down, still reaching through your heels.

Hints and Tips

💡 Imagine two energy lines: one from the shoulders through your trunk and through the upright leg reaching to the sky the other is the stabiliser stretching from the hip down through the lower leg to the ground.
💡 Keep your weight on your shoulders.
💡 Keep you pelvis and trunk still as your legs move.

Extras: Precautions

☀️ … Avoid this exercise of you have any neck or disc problems.
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