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Pre-Pilates: Maintain Alignment – Standing Marching



Foundations: Maintain Alignment

Quick Intro: Standing Marching


What’s it good for?

🌟 This exercise is a great awareness raising exercise to learn how the alignment of the lower spine and pelvis is affected by functional movements such as running and walking.
🌟 Once this has been understood, this exercise is a perfect way to learn how we can stabilise our pelvis and lower back whilst performing these movements.



A quick “how to”…

Standing Marching

🌟 Stand tall in natural alignment.  Engage your abdominals and lift one leg off the floor but keeping everything else quiet and still.

Hints & Tips:

🌟 This exercise is all about noticing:
– notice how your weight shifts from two legs onto one leg.
–  notice the shift in the opposite direction of your torso and pelvis.
– notice how activation of your upper and lower abdominals, glutes and lower spine (see multifidi awareness) helps you to maintain stability.  But remember that there will aways be some balanced weight shift to the opposite side.

Any Questions?

Ask away – I love to help!  Click here for the Contact Page 🙂 – or leave a comment at the bottom of the post – see you there…




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