Sternum Drops

Foundation: Shoulder Mobility & Stability – Sternum Drop

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Quick Intro:  Sternum Drops

This is a strengthening and a mobilisation exercise of the shoulders and upper back.  It’s also a part of possible progressions to teach us how to perform a plank position – important for many other Pilates exercises.


What’s it good for? ⁠

🌟 The object here is to strengthen the serratus anterior, rhomboids and other upper back & shoulder muscles.

🌟 It also serves to mobilise he shoulder blade / ribcage connection.

A quick “how to”…

Sternum Drops

🌟 In Four Point Kneeling position, draw in your abdominals to stabilise your pelvis as is Pregnant Cat (here).

🌟 Drop your breastbone (sternum) down towards the mat.

🌟 Then lift up your sternum as high as you can away from the floor, towards the ceiling.


Hints & Tips:

🌟 Imagine you have a suitcase handle in your upper back and it is being lifted towards the ceiling.

🌟 To keep the movement in your shoulders, maintain straight elbows.

🌟 If you’d like more of a challenge on your way] to learning a plank have a look at Sternum Drops and Knees Off (here).


Any Questions?

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Miguel 🙂

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