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Pilates for Sedentary People

Pilates reverses the effects of being sedentary!

Jobs that involve lots of sitting a desk for long periods of time are likely to have a detrimental effect on our health unless we counter the lack of movement with exercise that specifically addresses this.

There have been recent advances in well designed workstations, like standing desks but the bottom ine is that if you are glued to your desk for hour after hour, often sitting with your spine rotated on way or the other, harm will occur.

Much depends on how you sit. Far too many people slough without realising that they are or, are unable to find a way to counteract it.

The Results of Sitting all day

Thanks to Eimear for posing for the photos!

The end results of sitting all day will probably be:

  • Weak transversus abdominis
  • Tight upper rectus abdominis
  • Tight & over dominant hip flexors
  • Rounded upper spine
  • Forward head position leading to weak deep neck flexors and tight neck extensor
  • Tight pectorals – especially if you work at a computer
  • Inwardly rotated shoulder blades
  • Tight levator scapulae which lift up your shoulder blades
  • Tight adductors and medial rotators of the hip, especially if you sit cross legged.
  • Weak gluteals
  • A rotated and twisted spine

It’s also possible that you are prone to Complex Pain Related Syndrome (CPRS – repetitive strain injury. This can affect wrists and elbows.

Exercises found in the Pilate reperotire can help deter the onset of these conditions and help alleviate symptoms

What can you do about it?

Change your chair and working environment

Initially, you might need a lumbar roll or wedge to help you maintain the natural curves in your spine. You might even need to buy a different chair.

You might need to elevate your computer screen and move your computer so that you are sitting directly in front instead of at an angle.

Avoid holding the telephone with your shoulder as you write.

Start Pilates

Pilates practice focuses on global whole body movements. In part it is corrective exercise, but is much more than that.

Pilates proper is genuine bodybuilding and coordinating. It’s mind work too: you need to learn how to make supreme efforts and concentrate fully as well as memorise sequences of exercises to get the best out if it.

We always suggest matwork for home practice and Reformer & apparatus in the studio for best results & value for money.

Start Pre-Pilates

Pre-Pilates directly target individual parts of the body.  You might feel that these exercises are all you need.

On our Resource Pages (click here), and for a very modest sum, you can get access to video tutorials of these exercises that you can easily practice at home or even in the office.

Ribs (breathing) & Abdominals:

Fingertip Abdominals, Pregnant Cat, Spine Stretch Side, Wall Roll Downs, Half Roll Downs, Half Roll Downs & Reach, Half Roll Downs & Rotation

Pre-Pilates for a Healthy Spine

Cat/Cow, Tail Wag, Knees to Chest, Hip Circles, Telescope Arms, Angles in the Snow, Side bends with Lateral Breathing, Pelvic Rocking, Pelvic Curl, Spine Twist Supine, Pelvic Clock, Dead Bug, Toe Taps, Bridging with Marching

Pre-Pilates for a Healthy Neck

Head Rotations, Ear to Shoulder, Nose Circles, Romana’s towel Work, Chest Expansion, Mini Swan with Head Roll, Magic Circle Neck Strengthening

Pre-Pilates for your Hips and Pelvis

Knee Stirs, Pressure on the Thighs, Dead Bug Presses, Knees to Chest, Clam Shells, Circular Frog, Typewriter, Hip Dips, Bridging with Marching

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