Reformer Short Box Series: Side to Side 

Much more than a side bend, you’ll be looking for equal strength, lift and length on both sides of the body…!!


What’s it good for?


Related exercises?

Matwork: Side Bend.
Try the whole Short Box Series on the Ladder Barrel.
Reformer, Spine Corrector & Ladder Barrel: Side Sit Ups
Cadillac: One Armed Roll Down, Water Skier, Mermaid
Wunda Chair: Kneeling & Seated Mermaid


The Set Up


Short Box: Side to Side – “how to”

Put your abdominals inwards.
Bend to the right and elongate the body to open out the left side.
Repeat on the other side

Hints and Tips


Variations & Modifications



If you’re suffering from osteoporosis use a lesser range of movement and yet more focus on finding length.

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