Return to Life: #17 Bicycle

Return to Life: Bicycle

– It’s a more complex exercise that builds on the Scissors

This exercise will do everything that Scissors does, but also requires coordination to perform and these extra movements will deepen your hamstring and hip flexor stretches.


What’s it good for?


  • Does everything that Scissors (click here) does: Shoulder strength, spinal mobility, abdominal strength, hamstring and hip flexor stretches…
  • Adds coordination of the lower limbs to the mix that enhances the hamstring and hip flexor stretches.


Pilates Geeks

  • This is the doorway to the Shoulder Bridge and the start of a very challenging transition!


Difficulty: Tough

Reps: 5

The “how to”

Just like with the Roll Over and the Scissors, raise your. body on arms, elbows and shoulders

Inhale slowly split your legs as in the Scissors.  Bend your back knee downward and backward and try to kick yourself.

Exhale slowly bring your bent knee forwards and straighten it whilst taking you front leg backwards.  Repeat.


After five repetitions, swap directions.


Hints and Tips

💡  Initially, just practice one direction.

💡  Work from the Scissors and small knee bends

💡  As you get more confident, work on deepening those hamstring and hip flexor stretches, noticing where they occur and building on the smoothness of the movement.

💡  After swapping direction, try to touch your toes to the floor as you bend the knee of your back leg – see post image.  This is the start of the transition to the Shoulder Bridge!


Extras: Precautions

☀️ … as per the Scissors


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