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Wunda Chair: The Push Down aka “Hamstring I”



Wunda Chair: The Push Down 

What’s the Push Down good for?

Muscle focus
The chair push down helps to mobilise your spine. It strengthens the abdominals stretches the backs of the legs and opens up the lower back.



The “how to”


Set Up
Stand about 30 cms away from the chair. This distance will vary according to your size and mobility.
Bring your straight arms up overhead to start a Roll Down (click here for Roll Down tutorial). Roll down until your hands contact the pedal.
Push the pedal down halfway with straight arms hold it for three counts then pull the pedal up, resisting the springs, with straight arms.


Added challenge (Halfway Pumps)
Push the pedal down halfway then, keeping your torso perfectly still, pump the pedal three times. Bring the pedal up again with straight arms and repeat for two more sets.


Another Extra Challenge (All the Way Down Pumps)
Press the pedal all the way down with straight arms. Then, bring the pedal up halfway and on the third repetition, keep the pedal down and pump your arms three times whilst isolating your torso. Bring the pedal up with straight arms and repeat for two more sets.

Hints and Tips

💡  Keep your hips over your heels: don’t stick your butt out. Your weight should be forward on the balls of your feet as you press your heels into the floor.
💡  If you now your Reformer exercises think of the Elephant from the Long Stretch Series.
💡  Make sure that your shoulders are over your wrists when your hands are on the pedal.
💡  Squeeze your heels and your inner thighs to activate the gluteal muscles.
💡  To keep your head in alignment with the rest of your spine, look towards your belly button rather than straight down. 💡  Pull your upper abdominals in and up as you lengthen the backs of your legs.

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Photo credits: Emma Hogan Photography.


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