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Foundations: Hip & Shoulder Circles

Quick Intro: 

Hip and Shoulder Circles is a more complex variation of Pelvic Rocking (here).  I advise learning Hip Circles first as it’s an exercise that teaches us precision.  Once the precision required to move only the pelvis, keeping everything else perfectly quiet and still, then the Hip and Shoulder Circles can be looked at.


But, this is a lovely exercise to perform!  Once you’ve got the coordination of the shoulders and lower back working together, the gyroscopic sensation is almost addictive!


What’s it good for?

🌟 Increasing flexibility and mobility of the spine.
🌟 Building coordination and precision learned in more basic exercises.



A quick “how to”…

Hip & Shoulder Circles

🌟 Move your head and shoulders in coordination with your pelvis when you are performing Hip Circles.


Hints & Tips: take it step by step…

🌟 Practice Pelvic Rocking in four point kneeling position (here).  Imagine your tailbone paintbrush is drawing a vertical line on the wall behind you.
🌟 Now practice a side to side movement like in Tail Wag (here), but without moving your lower leg.
🌟 Now practise moving your head and shoulders in coordination with your lower spine.
🌟 Then, move from the cat position to the side bend, to the cow, to the other side bend position.


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