Single Leg Pumps on Chair

Exercise of the Week: Footwork on the Chair

Exercise of the Week: Double Leg Pumps

This simple beginner’s exercise is often used as a warm up because it allows us the space to breathe deeply and open out the breath, we’re moving big muscles that help pump the blood around and it helps us connect with the abdominal and spinal muscles, getting them to work together in stabilising the pelvis.  Read more about Pelvic Stabilisation in our Online Pilates Course: click here.



Things to think about

  • Imagine your sit bones are two inverted mountains: stay on their peaks.
  • Don’t allow your pelvis to “rock and roll”.
  • Imagine your pelvis is a bowl of hot soup – don’t spill any out of the front or the back!
  • Imagine you’re sitting on a very narrow wall.
  • Keep your abdominals active and waist long.  Sit tall!


What’s it good for?

  • Learning pelvic stability
  • Abdominal & spinals strengthening
  • Quadriceps strengthening

Additionally, differing foot positions can offer advantages and possibilities for the lower legs, calves and feet.


Foot positions

There are many possible foot positions, just as there are with Footwork on the Reformer.  Each of these positions can be performed on heels, soles and toes.

  • Feet together
  • Parallel feet
  • Small V with the heels together
  • Wide V



Just like footwork on the Reformer, there are many possible variations

  • Flex / Releve: keep your knees level and still whilst pumping with your feet.
  • Running: with split pedals
  • One legged variations


Happy Pilatesing!


Miguel x


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