Step Barrel Overhead Stretch

Step Barrel: Roll Over

Step Barrel: Roll Over
What's the Roll Over / Overhead Stretch good for? ⁠
Muscle focus
This exercise will strengthen your abdominals, stretch your glueals, hamstrings and mobilise your lower back whilst strengthening your shoulders.  It will also help teach control over your legs as they reach and circle overhead.
This exercise is a preparatory exercise to so many other exercises - especially the Matwork series.  It will help you improve every exercise that involve mobilising your spine towards over your legs - there's a long list of exercises that require this, including : Roll Up, Roll Over, Single Straight Leg Stretch, Spine Stretch, Corkscrew, The Saw, Neck Pull, High Scissors & Bicycle, Jackknife, Side Kicks, Side Kick Kneeling, Teasers, Boomerang, Control Balance... Phew - that's quite a lot and just shows how Pilates is not a series of random exercises in a random order, but a cohesive and coherent system of corrective e...


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