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#pilates4life2020 – Getting Started!



“Getting Started”

– #pilates4life2020!


Why “”together we are stronger”? – mutual accountability makes it easier to gets stuff done!

It’s a community New Year’s Resolution.  It’ll be mainly Instagram and Facebook based, but I’ll also be posting here on the blog.  I’ll be using this page as an index for all the exercises for your convenience.


The exercise index

– on the blog from 01/02/2020!

1 of 31 Standing Roll Down – click here
2 of 31 One Hundred prep – click here
3 of 31 Chest Lift & Rotation – click here
4 of 31 Static & Dynamic Ham Stretch – click here
5 of 31 Rolling like a Ball – click here
6 of 31 Bananas – click here
7 of 31 Mini Swan – click here
8 of 31 Rockets – click here
9 of 31 Pelvic Curl – click here
10 of 31 Pregnant Cat & Opposite Arms & Leg Reach – click here
11 of 31 Standing Footwork – click here
12 of 31 Telescope Arms – click here
13 of 31 Single Leg Stretch – click here
14 of 31 Double Leg Stretch – click here
15 of 31 Single Straight Leg Stretch – click here
16 of 31 Hip Opener & Spine Stretch Forward – click here
17 of 31 Side Leg Lift & Side leg Kick – click here
18 of 31 Single Leg Kick – click here
19 of 31 Bridging: Marching – click here
20 of 31 Sternum Drops & Knees Off – click here
21 of 31 Elbow Slip – click here
22 of 31 Roll Up – click here
23 of 31 Criss Cross – click here
24 of 31 Spine Twist Supine & Tic Toc – click here
25 of 31 The Saw – click here
26 of 31 Open Leg Rocker – click here
27 of 31 Side Leg Circles & Rotations – click here
28 of 31 “Teaser Prep” – click here
29 of 30 Leg Pull Back – click here
30 of 31 Seal Puppy – click here
31 of 31 Push Ups & Transition – click here


If you prefer video …


If you prefer to read …

Each day in January, I’ll post one Pilates exercise on Instagram.  As the month progresses, we’ll progress as we add new exercises to all the previous ones … that makes 31 Pilates / Pre-Pilates exercises.  these same videos are now coming to the blog.
Join me, and post your photos or videos of you doing the exercises with the hashtag #pilates4life2020”.

Remember: “together we are stronger”!

Tag us, like the posts and ask questions in the comments. This will help you and help others stay on track – never forget: “together, we are stronger” – so don’t be shy: use the hashtag and share and tag and ask questions …
In February, we’ll all come together in the studio to go through the whole sequence together – and we’ll stream it for our friends that can’t make it!Until then, we hope you all have a very enjoyable run up to the seasonal celebrations!  See y’all on the 1st of January![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

More Information!

The 31 exercises are grouped into three groups of approximately ten.  Each group is a mini workout of ten exercises.  The difficulty of any exercise depends on your strengths, so although the exercises are intended to get more difficult as the month progresses, you might find that some of the exercises are easier than others and that is only natural and is to be expected.

“What you least like to do, you do it twice!”

… Joseph Pilates said …  (according to Romana Kryzanowska)

Which ones should you concentrate on?  All of them, but the ones that you find most difficult will most likely be the ones that your body needs the most – so don’t fall into the temptation of omitting them!

Happy New Year,

Miguel 🙂


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